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Tutorial: Building WordPress-Driven Microportfolios

Tutorial Overview This is the technical follow up to the case study of my microportfolio system. It describes how to use WordPress to implement a portfolio system that will also support microportfolios, or portfolios with selected content tailored for specific audiences and purposes. This post doesn’t go into the why of the portfolio but rather […]

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The “Case Study” Genre

An attempt to make sense of what designers mean when they ask for "case studies"

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Sphero’s BB-8 “App-Enabled Droid”: a case study in experience design

When describing his approach to making Star Wars: The Force Awakens, director JJ Abrams says the question that guided the decision-making process was “How do we make this movie delightful?” While nerds will argue endlessly about the film’s merits, there is almost universal agreement that the filmmakers succeeded in creating delight with the new droid […]

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UI, UX, CRAP, and Revision

Continuing our work to bring low-cost but high-impact improvements to the user experience of Eli Review (see the previous post on improving new user onboarding), this post looks at how how some relatively minor (and cheap!) improvements to the user interface (UI) of one specific feature led to a much more desirable user experience. The […]

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Empty Spaces: A Low-Cost UX Upgrade

One of our goals for Eli Review over this past summer was to find low cost but high impact ways to improve the onboarding experience for new instructors — how to get them oriented to the new space and get them working comfortably and productively as quickly as possible. I did some research just before starting the […]