Work Samples

Case studies, writing samples, and other materials demonstrating the depth and breadth of my career (so far).

Tag: Technical Writing

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The “Case Study” Genre

An attempt to make sense of what designers mean when they ask for "case studies"

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Sample Teaching Materials

A set of documents and materials designed for students in one of my courses.

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White Papers for Eli Review

Two versions of a document that define scope and vision for a product and guide all aspects of the product from sales to marketing.

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Conference Proceedings Paper

A paper prepared for delivery at a conference and later published in the conference proceedings.

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Patent Applications

The technical writing components included as part of the patent application process for two of Eli Review's innovations

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Integration with a Learning Management System

A solution for integrating with a third party while avoiding the pitfalls of embedding our UX inside their product

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Course Cloning in Eli Review

A new feature allowing instructors to replicate entire courses in four fields and two clicks

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The UX of Time in Eli Review

Updates that properly store time values and display them localized in each user's timezone