Time and Timezones

A new information architecture and improved UIs to support customer experiences with time.

This project addressed a bias for Eastern Standard Time (EST) build into the prototype of Eli Review. This bias assumed all users lived and worked in EST and that all teachers assigned due dates of 12:00am. Our research helped us write detailed time use cases, which in turn helped us update the database to support time data and build new UI features related to time.
Client/Project: The UX of Time in Eli Review
  • UX research: voice of the customer, surveys, direct feedback on documentation
  • Development: MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP
My Role:
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BEFORE: Eli used the native jQuery UI datepicker to pick only a date, with no consideration for time.
AFTER: The new datepicker allows users to select not only a date but also a time.
Having submission timestamps allowed us to create a new UI for instructors to let them easily assess the timeliness of student submissions.
The timeliness report scaled up to the class level as well, making it possible for instructors to see the timeliness of a student across the entire course.