Ignite UX Michigan 2014

A lightning talk delivered at the 2014 Ignite UX MI event.

On October 17, 2017, I presented the talk Design for Learning: A critique of academic software UX to the annual meeting of Ignite UX MI in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This lightning talk discussed design trends and assumptions in educational technology and offers suggestions on how design can be focused on teacher and student experiences rather than classroom management and plagiarism policing.

The video of my talk is no longer available on the Ignite UX MI website, but the original slide deck is available on Google Drive. Below are sample slides, full video from the talk, and the original proposal.

The opening slide from my lightning talk.
A description of how tools are being designed to replace teachers rather than augment them.
Some simple questions to ask to assess the utility of an educational technology - one designed for teachers and for students.