Ignite UX Michigan 2019

A lightning talk delivered at the 2019 Ignite UX MI event.

On March 19, 2019, I presented the lightning talk Case Study: How Time and Time Zone Bias Can Impact UX to the annual meeting of Ignite UX MI in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This talk discussed was a compressed version of the Temporal Anomalies talk I gave earlier on World Information Architecture Day. This talk focuses on the UX implications of biases built into information architecture, especially for data-driven products, and the costs to users in terms of frustration and business in terms of fixing those problems.

My original slide deck is available on Google Drive. The full video of the talk is embedded below, along with photos and screenshots from the slide deck.

Note: this event was held at a bar, which means the lighting is low, but also that cursing was welcome. The video is unbleeped ?

A screenshot of the slide deck in Google Slides - packaged here for sharing, even though the original notes were in a times PowerPoint template
A photo from the talk - the dead projector screen and low bar lighting did not make for great photos 🙂